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1. 5 Steps To Take When Your Child Is Diagnosed With A Disability

I will never forget the day my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. It was an overwhelming sense of comple...

2. Human Needs

My needs are not special, they are human. 

3. My Own Way

I don't always do things like other people, but I do it in my own time and my own way.

4. Everything Special Needs with Sue Ottenberg

On Monday August 8, 2016 Jason Harris, founder of Jason’s Connection spoke with Sue Ottenberg on her radio sh...

5. Cut pork, help disabled Americans

Every night on the news, we hear about millions of dollars going toward some no longer needed program, bureau or subsidy...

6. Meet the Inspiration and Co-Founders of Jason's Connection

Watch our new PSA for Jason’s Connection and learn more about us live in Detroit, this Tuesday!

7. What it's like to be Blind or Deaf

It’s difficult to imagine what it’s like living with a disability. Luckily, the Basingstoke Voluntary S...

Displaying: 1 - 7 of 7

There are 7 item(s) tagged with the keyword "special needs".
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