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1. Human Needs, Not Special Needs

I am not denying that I need help or that I have a disability. But the needs I have are not 'special', they are human.

2. Change The Way

Change the way the world is constructed so that everyone can participate in life's activities to the greatest extent pos...

3. My Own Way

I don't always do things like other people, but I do it in my own time and my own way.

4. Do People with Disabilities Have the Right to Die?

In response to the recently-released film Me Before You, there have been so many comments about people with disabilities...

5. Belonging: Building Inclusive Communities in Our Own Backyards

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their perspectives here in our magazine. Today’s guest blog i...

6. I'm Sorry for Saying "Sorry": Breaking the "Sorry" Habit

“Sorry” has always been something that comes out of my mouth a lot. It is my ultimate defense mechanism.

7. Giving Young People a Voice: Meet Filmmaker Erahm Christopher

Recently Ericka McIntyre chatted with Erahm Christoper, an award-winning filmmaker, about his latest project, Liste...

8. Tackling Tough Topics with Personal Stories: Meet Noel Julnes-Dehner, Documentary Filmmaker

Recently Jason Harris talked with Noel Julnes-Dehner about her work as a filmmaker and her films, Coming Home from ...

9. Proven Ways to Get 12 More Years of Life: Meet Tony Buettner of the Blue Zones Community Health Project

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Tony Buettner, Vice President of Product and...

10. Jason Harris to Speak at the Ruderman Inclusion Summit: Why He's In!

Jason’s Connection Founder, Jason Harris, will be a panelist at the Ruderman Inclusion Summit. He will be speaking...

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 16

There are 16 item(s) tagged with the keyword "society".
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