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1. Disability and Diversity

When we talk about disability, we are really talking about diversity.

2. The Elephant in the Room: The Fear of Disability

A lot of what is talked about concerning disability has to do with one word, FEAR.

3. Change The Way

Change the way the world is constructed so that everyone can participate in life's activities to the greatest extent pos...

4. Celebrating Different Ways of Being: Meet Kim Wagaman of Epic Revolution

Recently our founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Kim Wagaman, co-founder of EPIC Revolution, an organization that seeks to...

5. Belonging: Building Inclusive Communities in Our Own Backyards

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their perspectives here in our magazine. Today’s guest blog i...

6. Starfire Stories: Speed Dial

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their stories with us. Today’s guest blogger is Katie Bachmye...

7. Letter to Myself at 17, from Myself at 27

Dear Me at 17, I understand that life has not always been easy. You have had many struggles, and feelings of inadequacy....

8. We're Friends, But Not for the Reason You Think: A Conversation with Jason Harris and Justice Richard Bernstein

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, sat down with Jason’s Connection&rsqu...

9. Starfire Stories: Meet Beth, the Zumba Spitfire

If you’re a person with developmental disabilities looking for a group exercise class, you might find yourself bei...

10. Connecting People with Disabilities to Their Communities: Meet Tim Vogt of Starfire Council

In this fascinating interview, Tim shares his philosophy, journey, and the mission of Starfire.

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 13

There are 13 item(s) tagged with the keyword "Friendship".
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