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1. Disability and Culture: My Journey

The reason I started Jason’s Connection is not just about disability. Ironically my real passion for life is under...

2. What Jason Harris, Our Founder Is Up To!

Jason Harris Chief Idea Officer and Founder of Jason's Connection will be interning this summer at a Nati...

3. We were awarded "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Reviews

Jason's Connection was just awarded an International Award, "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Review...

4. Human Needs

My needs are not special, they are human. 

5. Every Human's Experience Matters

Every human's experience matters

6. Differences

I think it is time to learn that just because you are different, or have some troubles, does not mean you need to be def...

7. What to say or not to say when you meet someone with a Physical Disability

Everyone is different, this applies to people with disabilities just as much as anyone else, but people do not seem to r...

8. I am a Person, Not a Disability

I am a person, not a disability 

9. How Will the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Affect Families with Children with Special Need

With the upcoming administration, changes to the House and Senate, and the echo of campaign promises, many parents with ...

10. Focusing on Strengths

Focusing on strengths is important for acceptance for ones self and moving forward. 

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 13

There are 13 item(s) tagged with the keyword "Disability Advocacy".
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