Guest Blog

We All Need Support

14 Feb 2018 by Anonymous Social Worker

We all need support or assistance at some time throughout our lives. This isn't limited by disabilty or other life challenges. We all need support from our families, friends, colleagues or community at some points in our lives.

We all need each other ...

I think it's a fallacy that we succeed on our own or that we make it by pulling up our own bootstraps. We all need each other and at critical intervals, more at some times than others, may depend on each other.

As children, we rely on our basic life needs being met by our parents.

In school, we need our teachers, guidance counselor or peers.

In looking for a job, we need referrals, recommendations and advice. 

As parents we often look to family, other parents and community supports .

As we age, we need our extended family and social supports.

Our greatest assets are still relying on ourseves and our individual strengths... 

That's not to say we solely rely on others.  Our greatest assets are still relying on ourselves and our individual strengths first and foremost. But allowing a healthy interdependence where we can help and support each other makes for a mutually beneficial and caring society.

It takes a Village. 

It truly does take a Village for us all, together, to benefit and not feel alone.