Guest Blog

Urgent Emergency - Social Anxiety

09 May 2018 by Maureen "Marzi" Wilson

Sometimes when my social anxiety kicks in, I just have to leave the situation. It isn't personal. It isn't even optional.

How can I explain it? Imagine you're in an important meeting and you kinda have to use the bathroom. But you try to smile and listen, because it would be terribly rude to leave. As the meeting drags on, your desperation grows. You TRY to pay attention, but you can't focus on anything but needing to go. You can't sit there for one more minute! It's URGENT. It's an EMERGENCY! walk out. You wish you didn't have to, but you don't have a choice.

Social anxiety feels a lot like that. The urgency. The embarrassment. But, you know, minus the whole bathroom situation. I know it's a weird analogy, you get it now?


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