Guest Blog

The ADA Is Very Important To Me

26 Dec 2018 by Diana Lynn Mairose

The ADA is very important to me. I have a rare disability called Noonan Syndrome. Some days it is hard for me to have the endurance I need to get my work done.

I feel protected with the ADA where I work.

At work, it is hard for me to work in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes I get very nervous and easily stressed-out. My mind also gets very emotional and frazzled. My employer respects my disability. I feel much protected with the ADA and where I work. My Supervisor understands me as a person first, not my disability.

The ADA allows me to have a communication plan.

My supervisor and I meet once a week to talk about what tools I need to do my job, transportation, work assignments and deadlines.

The ADA allows me to have a communication plan. With my plan, it helps me with communication and control.

Diana Mairose

Diana Mairose is a voting rights advocate who works as an Advocacy Support Adviser for Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.