Tackling Tough Topics with Personal Stories: Meet Noel Julnes-Dehner, Documentary Filmmaker

30 Nov 2015 by Jason's Connection
Film still from On the Right Track

Recently Jason Harris talked with Noel Julnes-Dehner about her work as a filmmaker and her films, Coming Home from the Streets, and The Right Track. 

These films tackle the difficult subjects of human trafficking, prostitution, and re-entry of incarcerated persons into society.

“[In her films] People see themselves…’That could have been me…I could have gone that path…’ People’s lives are complicated, twisted, they make bad decisions, and you realize that we all make bad decisions, theirs just had those consequences [prison, etc.]”

Interview With Noel Julnes-Dehner


Coming Home from the Streets will premiere on Thursday, December 3.

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Noel Julnes-Dehner

Noel Julnes-Dehner is producer, director, and writer of the films The Right Track, and Coming Home from the Streets. An Episcopal priest, she has worked in prison, parishes, private school, retirement centers, hospitals, and as a writer and assistant editor for an Episcopal publisher.