Starfire's 3-Day "Un"-conference

13 Aug 2014

Jason Harris has contributed the following commentary for this event coming up in Cincinnati to support a more inclusive community.

Jason’s View: Starfire’s 3-Day

On August 26th to the 28th Starfire is going to have its “un”-conference in Madisonville in Cincinnati. This conference is a great way to get together with people in your community and learn and teach (if you want to lead) skills to people.

Starfire is a great organization that I myself know a couple people who work there and run it. They do impressive things to get people together by interest and not by labels. If you have a chance, I would highly recommend going.

Cincinnatians are invited to Starfire’s 3rd annual 3-Day, an “un”-conference where the participants set the agenda. The three days kick off with a blank schedule that gets filled in by guests who offer classes and presentations on a variety of topics. The event begins August 26th at 5pm and will be held at Starfire in Madisonville. Free dinner provided, and the event is kid-friendly. People are invited to come and go as they please.

Last year, over 250 people from around the city came to the event. Guest speakers like John Orr gave a crash course on mindfulness. Kim Popa taught people how to dance like no one is watching. Kathy Wenning talked about building an intentional community around her son with a disability. Starfire believes Cincinnati neighborhoods are stronger when everyone feels included.

Starfire is a non-profit whose mission is to decrease social isolation in our communities, especially felt by people with disabilities. Starfire has been supporting people with disabilities and their families in Cincinnati since 1993.

Starfire 513.281.2100