Recommended Read: My Life in My Pocket

01 Oct 2014

Kathy Lynn Lewis is the author of two book series, geared specifically at any child or teenager looking to set new goals and learn how to achieve them.

My Life in My Pocket is a great book for extra guidance for children and teens who need help achieving their goals.

My Life in My Pocket for Preschoolers and My Life in My Pocket for HIgh School Students are the two series Lewis has authored. Over the last 15 years, Lewis has been an advocate for parents of children with special needs, different needs, or anyone that just needs extra guidance to achieve their goals. The My Life in My Pocket series are aimed at teaching children and teenagers how to think in the best way possible for them to achieve their own success and journey into adulthood.

Lewis also travels and speaks at many seminars all over the country and was recently featured for an interview on the Pete Oshea show, an inspirational radio show in St. Pete, FL. The My Life in My Pocket Seminars help individuals and businesses achieve success through goal setting and outlining, “what they want to have”, “what they want to be”, and ‘what they want to do.” As the Chief Executive Officer of My Life in My Pocket Wunderkind, a company that helps students, businesses and individuals realize their potential by understanding what Earl Nightingale states, “we become what we THINK about,” and that the impossible takes a little longer, but not much.

The techniques she talks about in her book, are the same strategies Lewis used when she was in Baltimore. Growing up in the inner city, she had to focus to come up with real strategies to pull her self up from poverty. She worked to get into the best high school in the city and soon, attended and graduated from John Hopkins University. She is now married to a surgeon, member of a country club, and even serves on boards such as the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Although these accomplishments may not be considered as an example of success to some, they are evidence of the power of thinking because her thinking took her from poverty to the board rooms of museums and private independent schools.

You can purchase My Life in My Pocket for High School Students or check out Lewis’ website for more information!