Portrait of a Soul: Looking Beyond Physical Difference to See Real People

21 Mar 2016 by Jason's Connection
Some of the portraits made by Portrait of a Soul artists

Recently our founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Candace Grafton, director of development for Portrait of a Soul, an organization whose mission is to help heal the emotional wounds of children suffering with craniofacial conditions by commissioning world-class portrait artists to create stunning works of art that reflect the great worth, beauty, and inner vision of these brave children.

In this fascinating interview, Ms. Grafton discusses the mission of this group, and what these portraits mean to their subjects.

Interview With Candace Grafton

PORTRAIT OF A SOUL was founded by Cincinnati philanthropists Lee and Susan Schaefer, who modeled it after the highly praised “Face to Face Portrait Project” started in Philadelphia by Nelson Shanks, founder and artistic director of Studio Incamminati School for Contemporary and Realist Art and Linton Walker, MD, founder of the Craniofacial Program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Both men believed in the power of art and medicine to nourish the soul and health the body.

Portrait of a Soul is teaming up with the world-class craniofacial specialists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to help identify children who would receive the most emotional benefit from having a commissioned portrait. Before recommending a patient, a variety of criteria including the emotional needs and physical readiness of a patient is considered. Specialists from Cincinnati Children’s also stay in contact with the children throughout their sittings to make sure it’s a comfortable, positive experience.

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