Police Officer Trains Other Professionals: A More Caring Guide to Law Enforcement For Engaging Those On Autism Spectrum

27 Jul 2016 by Jason's Connection

Recently Jason’s Connection’s founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Dennis Debbaudt of Autism: Risk and Safety Management.

Dennis Debbaudt was first to address the interactions between law enforcement and people with autism in his 1994 report Avoiding Unfortunate Situations. Dennis Debbaudt himself is impacted and personally sensitized to these issues. He is the proud father of Brad, a young man who has Autism.

Dennis is promoting awareness understanding so meaningful, not harmful or overreactive, interventions can take place by our officers and emergency responders.  He provides a guide to better human relations overall!  

As a presenter, trainer and public speaker, Dennis is well known for his ability to connect with diverse audiences, his clear, concise and detailed handouts, creative and effective video illustrations and insight into this subject of providing training  and resource information to law enforcement personnel, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers and the autism community. He has  authored a full length book, nearly 40 reports, book chapters and produced innovative and acclaimed training videos for law enforcement and first responders such as paramedics, fire rescue, police, and hospital staff who may respond to an autism emergency. Dennis Debbaudt is making a difference in our communities.

Interview With Dennis Debbaudt

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