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Our Mission: Jason's Connection Is for Everyone!

15 Jul 2015 by Jason Harris

Jason’s Connection first and foremost is about ALL people. Yes, we are about diverse needs and abilities, but we are about much more than one group or type.

We feel that we all need to be respected even if we have difficulties, challenges, or obstacles. We all need  to be respected! We recognize that sometimes people are going to need more help to flourish and we all need help throughout our lives in different ways.

At Jason’s Connection, rather than medicalizing needs, we want to present a more social model that takes into account the WHOLE person, not just the aspect of disability or mental health.

We want to hear people’s stories as well give information. We don’t want to be deadlocked in our views and hearing different perspectives and experiences is important to us. We recognize there are many types  of people and everyone’s experience is valid, even if you don’t directly identify with it. We want to foster and promote openness, awareness, and understanding. That is our hope because we all have something to contribute!

–Jason Harris, Founder, Jason’s Connection

Jason Harris

Founder of Jason’s Connection – an online resource for those with disabilities, mental health, aging and other needs. Jason was awarded an M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education and Advanced Certificate in Disability Studies from Syracuse University.  Jason is also a Project Coordinator and Research Associate at the Burton Blatt Institute, an international think tank for Disability Rights and Human Justice at Syracuse University.  He regularly contributes to the blog in his own series called Jason’s View and travels the country consulting and speaking about disability issues and rights. To read more from Jason Harris, read Jason's View