Meet Susan Carlson – Author of I Can't Imagine

17 Dec 2014 by Jason's Connection

Expressing Grief through Art – An Interview with Susan Carlson.

One fairly intense, but often avoided topic of conversation is the loss of a family member. It happens to so many. It is even harder to think of during the holidays.

Sometimes we have loved ones that may experience a fatal version of cancer, seizures, mental illness, blood disorders, or several different ailments that may be disabling at the worst moments.

Sometimes it’s just happenstance.

Over 12 years ago, Susan Carlson’s life turned upside down. In 2002, her 19 year old son, Ben, passed away after a hiking accident. The art featured in her book and in this video, was a way for her to aid her expression of grief. She didn’t merely create the art, but allowed it to unfold.

Her art is a different perspective on how to deal with the pain anyone would feel after losing a son.

We were lucky enough to reside in the same city as Susan Carlson, which has allowed us to create this in-depth video and truly feature her art with her words.

Jason Harris, co-founder of Jason’s Connection, facilitated the interview. You’ll hear his voice through-out.

We hope anyone who is grieving this holiday season and beyond will find some great comfort, relief, and direction in Susan’s words and her art.  Those interested in purchasing her book, can do so through her website or I Can’t Imagine on Amazon.