Guest Blog

Me - As I Go Through This Zany, Marvelous, Difficult Experience Called "Life!"

13 Jun 2018 by Evelyn Pinto

Jason’s Connection is pleased to share a blog from a new community member, Evelyn Pinto, from Massachusetts, sharing a little about herself and how computer technology has brought her joy and helped expand her world.

I am a 62-year-old single woman. I have been diagnosed with several life threatening medical diagnosis, and I require the acute care of the hospital more than I, or anyone would like because I easily get pneumonia, viruses, the flu, and other infections. That being said, I love life! I love children! I even teach young children in a Sunday School setting. I love people (well, most of the time).

Easter Seals leased me a computer...then my life began to change.

My passions since childhood have been Writing and Photography. Easter Seals of Massachusetts not only leased me a computer, but an assistive computer technologist from Easter Seals, Tara, gave me a firm foundation in computer skills. Then my life began to change. I have advanced both in Writing and Photography. Metaphorically, I'm soaring with Writing, Photography, and other newer interests because of Computer Technology.

I'm grateful and I'm blessed! 

You can read more from Evelyn and view her art and videos on her blog: Me, As I Go Through This Zany, Marvelous, Difficult Experience Called "Life!"