Guest Blog

"Letting Go" - Not Telling your Child's Story

25 Oct 2017 by Anonymous Mom

My Adult son is no longer a child. He may always be on the Spectrum and will always have a Non-verbal Learning Disability (NLD), but I need to recognize that he is an Adult with his own need for Autonomy, Independence and having his Own Voice.

I've struggled with letting him go.  I've nurtured and protected him, counseled and supported him, but now I have to let him live his own life to the fullest he can to meet his potential.

It’s tricky because he still occasionally needs or asks for emotional support or advice. But mostly now when he calls he just wants to vent in order to process the actions he needs to take in his own life and to work out his own feelings!

It ‘s all too easy for me to become anxious and worried and to step in with answers he is not asking for.  It’s an old dance that I need to step out of, as he is now a young adult.

I need to remember that he needs me to Listen, Support, and Let Go.