Jason's View

Introducing NYC to new a various service and Disability Resource.

26 May 2014

In Early May, supporters, advocates, and providers from all around the disability community in New York City came together for the first ever Pizza and Providers Blog-a-Thon to benefit Jason’s Connection.

What is a Pizza and Providers Blog-a-Thon?

It’s simple – Jason’s Connection relies on user-generated content to help others. We need recommendations and reviews for providers in each city across the U.S. To get this data, Jason’s Connection is partnering up with disability organizations like Adaptations, The JCC in Manhattan and Redwood in Northern Kentucky to host unique, fun events catered at getting the content we all need. And free pizza.

Jason Harris, co-founder of Jason’s Connection and author of our the Jason’s View blog series, led the very first event in NYC. Through a powerpoint, Jason introduced the organization to new users. Then answered questions and helped those navigate the website, as well as input new providers and reviews for the site.

“We received a lot of great feedback from the event. Attendees were especially pleased that our site was not just a list of disability resources, but other services and needs were addressed, such as social groups” said Jason.

Jason’s Connection strives to be the first and best online directory with for various services and disability resources where everyone can find answers they need.

These blog-a-thons are small – only about 20-30 people total are invited at a time. Attendees are usually friends, supporters, and the very people we are trying to help – people looking for answers and new services or resources for those with disabilities or other needs.

They bring their own media device, like a laptop, a smartphone, or an iPad and start to fill in the blanks where they’re needed. Attendees are also asked to bring in hand, information on who they would like to add to the database – name, address, email, website, etc – and then take the time to just put it into our site. Something that can take less than a minute.

Attendees are encouraged to leave reviews for their favorite providers and share their experiences with our users. This helps our users find answers and make educated decisions on which provider to go with – and which one not to.

Last but not least, Jason’s Connection is also collecting stories. We believe that by sharing our stories with the world – we connect better. We see each other as people – not disabilities. We want to change perceptions and attitudes towards those with different disabilities, needs, and issues. These stories we collect are to be shared on the Jason’s Connection blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Jason’s Connection wants to host a Blog-A-Thon in YOUR city!

We sponsor the pizza – you bring us the participants! Just send us an email: info@jasonsconnection.org and we will get in contact with you straight away!