Guest Blog

I'm Grieving And I Want You To Know

13 Mar 2019 by Maureen "Marzi" Wilson

I don't have to grieve on your timeline.  Loss is not a line to move past. [Images of a calendar, hourglass, watch, and clock.]

I feel guilty when I find small joys.  I feel alone.  I'm so afraid of loss that I shut everyone out. [Image of three people wearing graduation gowns, two are throwing their hats in the air, the other is subdued and looking down.]

I'm living in the same world as you, but on a totally different dark foggy plane. Sometimes it feels like breathing underwater. [Image of a woman emersed in a water tank with a ball and chain attached to her leg. Image of two people are standing in front of the tank. One says "You know, you'd feel better if you ate something."  The other says "Yeah! Let's go out for tacos!"]

Grief requires me to constantly forgive those who say the wrong things. Please, just validate what I'm feeling. [Image of a person crying and saying, "I miss my Dad. It hurts so much." The other starts to say (text is crossed out), "At least your Mom is still alive. Then says instead, "That must be hard. I'm sorry."]

Grief reminds me to slow down. To feel. To be human. Grief teaches me how to love harder.  I will never be who I was before. But maybe I can be OK with that. [Image of a couple hugging and holding a dog in between them.]

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