How Small Businesses benefit from Clients with Disabilities.

by Jason's Connection

Accommodation and accessibility are too often ignored by businesses of all sizes. What happens is an actual loss of potential customers that want to spend money. But when it’s hard to do so, they turn to other resources.

Meet Leah Den Herder – Small Business Owner in Cincinnati, OH and Disabilities Advocate.

Ms. Den Herder is a local Esthetician who recently opened her own boutique skin care studio. Here she’s able to finally expand her services to those with all sorts of needs who also want fantastic skin. It’s unlikely that your everyday salon or spa will have the accommodations ready for any client.

Den Herder has set out to install a special client table that is low to the ground and provides easy access to those with mobility issues.  This was easier to accomplish thanks to a tax break, but she would have done it regardless.

“Everyone should be able to have access to these services and have pretty skin” believes Den Herder. As a young woman, she herself had severe acne. In her quest to better skin, she saw a way she could help others with their skin problems as well. Her services include facials, waxing, brow sculpting, and body wraps.

She works one-on-one with each client and invites those of all needs. She has over 500 continuing education hours with 16 years of experience. Some of her recent certifications come from as far as Beverly Hills, after training with Dr. Traci Williams and she plans on adding a certification to help patients going through chemotherapy.

By installing special equipment at little cost to her, she has already expanded her client base and made her small business more inviting to those with disabilities.

“Anyone should be able to come and participate in my services. Treatments not only add beauty, but confidence as well.” says Den Herder.

If you’re in Cincinnati, you can even book an appointment online today!

Here are more ways you can widen your client base to include those with disabilities!

Install Wider Doors

Flatten Entryways / Install Ramps

Set up near Public Transportation

Be friendly and Inviting

Make it easy – make it comfortable. Including customers with disabilities is one the best ways of expanding your small business.