Jason's View

How my Disability Gave me Adversity

24 Mar 2014

People with disabilities can be lucky. We’ve learned that giving up is never the answer. We daily deal with new and old challenges. It builds a sense of “I can get through this.” We learn to adapt quickly, learning how to do things our own way – something I can’t wait to discuss further later on.

Having a disability can help you deal with adversity because you have to be able to persevere, even if you things are not always easy for you. In my life, the perseverance that having a disability has given me, helped me get through so many challenges. It’s made graduating college or even more pertinent, fighting thyroid cancer, less of an alarming experience and more just another milestone in my life.

Jason with Richard after speaking about their disabilities blindness and autism

When I was in my second year of college, I started to have trouble walking. I found out that I had thyroid cancer. While in some ways it was a bit scary, I was also ready to face the challenge as this was not the first major obstacle I have ever faced in my life. 

I would not let the fact that I had to stop some of things in my life and go through a scary time get me down.

Even when I had to go two weeks of a diet with no salt (which let me tell you is really hard and bland) I continue to do what I had to do to get better with a smile on my face because it was just another challenge.

While I am still not always able to overcome every hurdle overall living with a disability, having to work hard to get where I am has made it so I keep going even if sometimes things are hard or do not go my way.