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Home Gadgets That Can Improve The Lives Of Those With Mobility Needs

25 Feb 2018 by Ethan Whitmore

For people with mobility issues, just getting around can be a real challenge. Any gadget that makes life just a little bit easier is often welcomed as a great option to have that wasn’t available even a few years’ ago.

Here we look at several gadgets that help with mobility challenges.

- Straight Stairlifts
A stairlift is installed at the bottom of a flight of stairs to remove the need to climb up and down the steps. When on uncertain feet or wobbly legs, a straight stairlift is a Godsend because it provides a comfortable seat to strap into and then use a remote-control system to go up (or down) the stairs without exerting yourself.

There are stairlifts that fit the side of a straight staircase, but also custom fitted ones that curve around for staircases that turn towards the upper landing near the top with the lift following the same path.

- Household Trolleys
One of the most difficult things is carrying a tray of food and a drink from the kitchen to the dining or living room areas without dropping it. When you’re less certain on your feet, the slightest error can cause tonight’s dinner to be “in the dog” shortly after it crashes to the floor and is no longer sanitary to eat.

A single or two-level trolley on wheels is the best solution to this problem. There are wooden ones and metal ones. They act a little like a Zima frame in helping to steady the walking using the frame arms on either the side or the front of the trolley for support while the caster wheels glide across the carpet at a sensible pace. Owning a trolley makes transporting cooked food to the dining table much easier than doing so without it.

- Key Turner
Holding a key steady enough and being able to put enough force into turning it to unlock a door isn’t easy when your hands are arthritic or a disability makes it a difficult to complete successfully. There are specialist key turning accessories, which makes grasping the key (you actually hold the extended holder arm, not the key itself) and turning it in the lock much easier.

The types of home gadgets that help mobility impaired people don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Many of the items are clever little inventions that address specific needs perfectly. In other cases, they’re systems like the stairlift, that handily deal with mobility obstacles like a set of stairs to avoid needing to move to a single-story home.

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