Her Leg Is #NotALuxury: Meet Jill Gibboney, Wife, Mom, and Badass Advocate for Amputees and the Disabled

24 Aug 2015 by Jason's Connection
Jill Gibboney with her husband, Michael.

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Jill Gibboney about proposed to changes to Medicare policy for those with lower limb prosthetics, and also about her social media campaign, the Handi-slap, calling out the abuse of handicapped parking spaces.

In this interesting and informative interview, Ms. Gibboney talks about how the ADA hasn’t magically resolved all issues for people with disabilities, and about why Medicare’s policy for amputees is so important–since private insurers usually follow Medicare’s lead, it’s important to make sure their policies are forward thinking, not backward. Proposed changes to Medicare have the potential to drastically diminish the standards of prosthetic care for amputees. For a summary of the proposed changes, please visit:

“This idea that the ADA has taken care of everything is…false… we still have a lot of work to do.”

Interview With Jill Gibboney

“Social media…gave me an opportunity to talk about my disability. It’s been a good learning experience for my friends and myself…it’s allowed me to talk very candidly about being disabled.”

JILL GIBBONEY is a wife, mom, office manager for a small marketing firm, social media maven, and only recently, an accidental advocate for people with disabilities, even though she was born without her right femur. She started social media accounts under the name the Handi-Slap, a humorous take on the very unfunny problem of people abusing handicapped parking, after successfully winning a battle with a construction dumpster via Twitter that was placed by the city at a handicapped meter in downtown Cincinnati.

To check out the Handi-Slap:

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