Helping Autism Families Navigate in Uncharted Territory: Meet Topher Wurts, Creator of Autism Village

11 May 2015 by Jason's Connection
Topher Wurts

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, sat down with Topher Wurts, the creator of Autism Village, a collection of apps to help families of children with autism, and autistic adults. Mr. Wurts was known in the world of business for bringing together marketing, technology, and teamwork. When his son Kirby was diagnosed with autism, he and his family became one of the 2.8 million families in the United States affected by autism. So, he invented Autism Village.

“We hope this is a tool that…creates more general awareness and acceptance [of autism] and that people learn more about autism…and be more inclusive of the autistic population by being more accepting of them.”

Interview With Topher Wurts

AUTISM VILLAGE is a new nonprofit organization, that is launching a free, cross-platform, rating and review app to uniquely serve the growing autism community. Their goal is to launch a “Yelp for Autism” app in the next quarter.

Currently 1 in 68 children are born with an autistic spectrum disorder. TOPHER WURTS, founder and father of his autistic son Kirby, founded Autism Village to create practical day-to-day tools to help parents and families that are caring for Autistic children. The first tool Autism Village will release is the “The Autism Village App” which is a free service for all users where community members help to build the unique database of autism friendly services and places. This database will include ratings and reviews on businesses, organizations and places for “autism friendliness.”

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