Giving Young People a Voice: Meet Filmmaker Erahm Christopher

07 Dec 2015 by Jason's Connection
“Every day someone is waiting for another person to notice
they are broken or alone. How many times do we really listen?”

Recently Ericka McIntyre chatted with Erahm Christoper, an award-winning filmmaker, about his latest project, Listen, and his work with Teen Truth.

In this fascinating and insightful conversation, Erahm explains how he became a filmmaker, and how film can empower.

In 1999, after the tragedy of the Columbine High School shooting, Erahm did something radical–he went and talked to teenagers about how they felt. And he really listened. This started him on the journey to giving a voice to young people.

“We find reasons to disconnect, which is ironic, because what we want more than anything in life is to connect….Social media is a perfect example of that. We’re not saying, ‘look at the pizza I had last night,’ we’re saying, ‘like me, share me, connect with me.'”

Interview With Erahm Christoper

“[Bullying] is about the impact we have on each other. We fail to realize how powerful we are as human beings, and the influence we have on others.”

Erahm Christoper

Over the last nine years, Erahm Christoper has dedicated his life to giving youth a voice through student-shot films, leadership programs, and live experiences. His goal has always been to challenge teenagers to think differently about the issues and empower them to be the difference in their lives and the lives of others.