Giving Hope and Help Without Judgment: Meet Libby Harrison of the Cincinnati Exchange Project

02 Nov 2015 by Jason's Connection

Recently our founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Libby Harrison, Project Manager for the Cincinnati Exchange Project, a local advocacy organization that promotes education and the harm reduction model, committed to making the drug using community healthier while increasing drug treatment enrollment.

In this insightful interview, Ms. Harrison explains the project, and discusses this important issue.

Interview With Libby Harrison


Participants will get a new syringe for every used one. This is a one-for-one program. Participants will also receive education on safer sex, safer injection use, and where to get drug treatment and medical care. Trained staff and professionals are on site to help answer any questions. CEP is a legal program; if participants engage in any illegal activity (including drug use while at the site) law enforcement will be contacted. CEP does not promote the use of drugs; therefore any participant engaging in drug use or drug buying on-site or near the site will no longer receive services.

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