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Exciting News- Jason's Connection is Expanding its Website

09 Mar 2017

Jason's Connection is much more than connecting our community to services, resources, information and news stories. Our hope is that it can be a place where we can we can discuss and address different issues that impact disability and the many lives effected as a community. To help ensure this vision, we are pleased to announce that we are making great new upgrades to our website www.jasonsconnection.org.

Parents, caretakers, and organizations are an important ally in this discussion but we also want this to be a place where people who experience disability themselves can have a vital voice. As a young adult on the Spectrum I wanted to create this page and site for others like myself to feel like we can have a voice, a safe place where our feelings and experiences are recognized as “real” and validated. It touched me greatly when one of our community members reached out to say that Jason's Connection gave them a place where they could feel not only so alone, but where their own feelings and experiences made sense and were valid! Society and culture play a crucial role in how we see disabilities and mental health issues. I would like to broaden the discussion to involve the individuals directly impacted to be part of this discussion. Most importantly,  I hope for this to be a place where people can come together to speak freely and openly about  different points of view to create understanding and acceptance for all we have to offer.

In order to facilitate this, Jason's Connection is introducing a new expanded website, which along with the connection to services, resources and information, we will also be featuring the stories, viewpoints, ideas and art of our community members.  We look forward to your participation in this great resource. 

Thank You, 
Jason Harris, Founder

Jason Harris

Founder of Jason’s Connection – an online resource for those with disabilities, mental health, aging and other needs. Jason was awarded an M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education and Advanced Certificate in Disability Studies from Syracuse University.  Jason is also a Project Coordinator and Research Associate at the Burton Blatt Institute, an international think tank for Disability Rights and Human Justice at Syracuse University.  He regularly contributes to the blog in his own series called Jason’s View and travels the country consulting and speaking about disability issues and rights. To read more from Jason Harris, read Jason's View