Guest Blog

Stereotypes and Assumptions about Jobs for Autistic People

Our culture needs to get creative with creating jobs and workspaces, both remote and in-house, for people... read more

28 Feb 2018

Guest Blog

Home Gadgets That Can Improve The Lives Of Those With Mobility Needs

For people with mobility issues, just getting around can be a real challenge. Any gadget that makes life just a little b... read more

25 Feb 2018

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

We All Have Diverse Identities.

People with disabilities have different opinions than their parents, their employers, and others.  We all have... read more

26 Feb 2018

Guest Blog

One Mom, One Perspective

Homes have changed. They have. That means that we have to change too. We have to do everything in our power to make sure... read more

24 Feb 2018

Guest Blog

Mental Health, Autism and the Stigma of Fear

The stigma against mental health and disability as well as other differences such as race and religion are real and affe... read more

21 Feb 2018

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We All Need Support

Allowing a healthy interdependence where we can help and support each other makes for a mutually beneficial and caring s... read more

14 Feb 2018

Guest Blog

Exhaustion Beneath The Mask: Learning Mental Limits And When To Ask For Help

Hiding my exhaustion is part of who I am. Due to my sensory issues (the biggest drain of my energy), just being out in t... read more

07 Feb 2018