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Innovative Technology stuck in old-school settings: Maximizing opportunities afforded by accessible technology in the Workplace

Job-seekers with disabilities have long-endured pre-judgment about what they can and cannot do because they navigate the... read more

16 Aug 2017

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On a hot spring day in June, we gathered on the lawn before the Capitol building. With the Supreme Court of the United S... read more

30 Aug 2017

Guest Blog

Managing Tyler in the "Typical World"

My Tyler can be….well…..LOUD.  This is especially true when he is in a more happy and manic cycle of ... read more

23 Aug 2017

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When People Presume

When people presume limitations for you, that can become how you see yourself. - Jason Harris  read more

21 Aug 2017

Guest Blog

The Fear, Anxiety, and Panic of Parenting a Medically Complex Child

Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug. I can hear the click of the wheels on the steel tracks, and the horn is startin... read more

16 Aug 2017

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The Book of Who I am

I just want people to stop judging the cover of me before reading the book of who I am. - Jason Harris  read more

14 Aug 2017

Jason's View

Just Because I Don't Talk... The Assumptions We Can Make

One of the many things that make us brilliantly human is the use of language. We love to be able to communicate with oth... read more

09 Aug 2017

Guest Blog

Shining Through The Spectrum And Redemption

Last Saturday was one of the biggest fights of my life. On June 17th, I was crowned the new bantamweight TuffnUff cha... read more

02 Aug 2017