Jason's View

What Jason Harris, Our Founder Is Up To!

Jason Harris Chief Idea Officer and Founder of Jason's Connection will be interning this summer at a Nati... read more

12 Jun 2017

Guest Blog

5 Ways to Manage the Grief of Parenting a Child with Special Need

Grieving is an inevitable part of parenting. All of our children were born their OWN person. Before their birth, all par... read more

28 Jun 2017

Jason's View

Disability and Culture: My Journey

The reason I started Jason’s Connection is not just about disability. Ironically my real passion for life is under... read more

21 Jun 2017

Guest Blog

Tips for Caregivers and Parents from Guest blogger and Parent Tom Klinedinst

?Much of our lives as caregivers are spent in doctor’s offices.  In fact, I think one of the most stressful e... read more

14 Jun 2017

Guest Blog

Beauty With a Twist: Rasheera Dopson

My name is Rasheera and I was born with 3 very rare syndromes. Vater’s Syndrome, Hemi-facial-micro-somnia Syndrome... read more

07 Jun 2017

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