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Guest Blog

Awareness Into Action

This month we have heard a lot about autism awareness.  I love the idea of using blue lights and other methods to r... read more

26 Apr 2017

Guest Blog

Physical Health = Brain Health: A Guest Blog by Karl Sterling

For a lot of people, when they think about exercise they correlate it with the physical health of their body; thing... read more

19 Apr 2017

"My Walk With Tyler" A Guest Blog Series by Tom Klinedinst

Jason's Connection is excited to announce our joining of Tom Klinedinst, father to Tyler. This blog series is ... read more

17 Apr 2017

Guest Blog

Autism Dating Site Uneepi: Find Your Missing Puzzle Piece

Uneepi is an online dating & relationship resource designed to support people on the Autism Spectrum. Uneepi makes d... read more

12 Apr 2017

Picture Quotes

Share Your Artwork

Jason’s Connection believes that art and creativity are a powerful expression of the shared human experience that ... read more

12 Apr 2017

Guest Blog

Meet Madison House and #Imagine21: A Mini- Documentary Series On Autism After 21

At age 21, our friends with autism lose access to many of the supports they receive as children. The #Imagine21 mini-doc... read more

10 Apr 2017

Guest Blog

I Accept Myself

I've been searching for the visual language to express my frustration with labels and branding. While there are times I ... read more

07 Apr 2017

Guest Blog

Alternative And Holistic Approaches To PTSD Therapy

PTSD affects nearly 8 million  Americans each year, and just as the causes vary, so do the treatments. No... read more

03 Apr 2017