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I Ran Away

My life changed in a second. Returning home from my sister's wedding, my father fell asleep while driving 75 mph. When h... read more

29 Mar 2017

Jason's View

Exciting News- Jason's Connection is Expanding its Website

Jason's Connection is much more than connecting our community to services, resources, information and news stories.... read more

09 Mar 2017

Guest Blog

We were awarded "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Reviews

Jason's Connection was just awarded an International Award, "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Review... read more

13 Mar 2017

Guest Blog

"Faces" Project Statement & Call For Selfies: Guest Blog by Hilary K.

“Faces: My Perception Of Emotion As An Autistic Artist” is a portraiture-study of emotion in which I explore... read more

22 Mar 2017

Guest Blog, Jason's View

On Fortune Cookies, Neurodiversity, and Accessibility

This Huffington Post blog is a collaboration between Jason Harris and Diane Wiener. read more

26 Mar 2017

Guest Blog

Accepting Oneself Without Judgement : Father of Son on The Autism Spectrum

By: A Jason's Connection Guest Blogger  As a father of a son on the autism spectrum, I have at times mentioned t... read more

20 Mar 2017

Guest Blog

Lilybart: is a healing venue Supporting awareness and healing for Cystic Fybrosis

Lilybart is a healing venue. It allows Lily to bring a work of art to fruition. Working with artists is incred... read more

15 Mar 2017