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Every Human's Experience Matters

Every human's experience matters read more

06 Feb 2017

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Hidden Illnesses: An Infographic

Living with an illness such as lupus, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis is hard enough ... read more

15 Feb 2017

Guest Blog

Going Through The (E)motions

Life has it’s ups and downs like an EKG monitor. If it’s flat, it means you’re probably dead, but, ... read more

08 Feb 2017

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MOVING AND LEARNING: Physical Intervention for Children With Special Needs

The sensorimotor period is an important pre-cognitive stage where children learn how to interact with the environment th... read more

22 Feb 2017

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Jason's Connection

Jason's Connection is not just about one thing, it's about everything  read more

19 Feb 2017

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Human Needs

My needs are not special, they are human.  read more

27 Feb 2017

How Small Businesses benefit from Clients with Disabilities.

Accommodation and accessibility are too often ignored by businesses of all sizes. What happens is an actual loss of pote... read more

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I think it is time to learn that just because you are different, or have some troubles, does not mean you need to be def... read more

01 Feb 2017