Guest Blog

50 Years

We are proud of how far we have come in the last 50 years - but we have more work to do!  People need to hear about... read more

27 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

True Colors

My journey with CP has been challenging.  I teamed up with six other people to make this film, True Colors, to... read more

20 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

STOP BULLYING! Support Inclusion-Based Learning and Social Preparedness

When a child is born with a disability or difference, their medical needs are adhered to, but we toss them into a sea of... read more

13 Dec 2017

Guest Blog

Why More Disability Advocacy Sites Need To Be Headed By People With A Disability

It seems like someone without a disability heads most disability sites and/or advocacy groups. These leaders may have ve... read more

06 Dec 2017