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Yes! to Information, Integration and Acceptance

His love for painting helps with his autism. He communicates through his wonderful artwork.  When Matthew is at his... read more

29 Nov 2017

Jason's View, Picture Quotes

Respect for others' experiences and perspectives

Respect for others' experiences and perspectives leads to greater understanding and ultimately benefits everyone. - Jaso... read more

27 Nov 2017

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Change Cultural Perceptions: Kindness Is More Than Being Nice

When I think about the difference between being Kind and being Nice, I think about perception. To me, being nice is a si... read more

15 Nov 2017

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We Are Not About Fixing People

We are NOT about fixing people.  At Jason's Connection, we look at how society affects the disability community, no... read more

13 Nov 2017

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I Can Be A Bridge That Brings People Together

August 21, 1972 was a very fearful day for my family. When I was born, there was very little oxygen circulating to my br... read more

08 Nov 2017

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Accepting and Embracing Yourself

ACCEPTING AND EMBRACING YOURSELF.  The very first step in confronting negative thinking is to Accept and Embrace yo... read more

06 Nov 2017

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My Journey of Self-Discovery

I went through my entire childhood and early adulthood not understanding why I wasn't like the people around me. Peers i... read more

01 Nov 2017