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Your future should look...

Your future should look like the best parts of your present. - Cammie McGovern read more

30 Oct 2017

Guest Blog

"Letting Go" - Not Telling your Child's Story

My Adult son is no longer a child. He may always be on the Spectrum and will always have a Non-verbal Learning Disabilit... read more

25 Oct 2017

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There are many types...

There are many types of people, and everyone's experience is valid. - Jason Harris read more

23 Oct 2017

Guest Blog

Being Tyler's Dad

Sometimes people will say that they can’t imagine what it’s like to be Tyler’s Dad and to have gone th... read more

18 Oct 2017

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We must be given the opportunity

We must be given the opportunity to show our strengths and not focus on what we cannot do. - Jason Harris read more

16 Oct 2017

Guest Blog

Beauty in Brokenness

More than mere quirks, my autism affects relationships with others and sensory processing. This eventually grew more pro... read more

11 Oct 2017

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It's Not About Disability.

It's not about disability.  It's about how we perceive people in our community and society. - Jason Harris read more

09 Oct 2017

Guest Blog

When There is No Place for Your Child with Special Needs in the Public Schools

In the special needs parenting community, I rarely witness sheer happiness about the upcoming school year. Most of my so... read more

04 Oct 2017

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To have any real change...

To have any real change, you have to speak to the people in the middle. - Jason Harris read more

02 Oct 2017