Guest Blog

My Son's Summer Travel and Dealing with My Own Anxiety: Reflections of a Mother of an Adult Autistic Son

My son loves to travel and was looking forward to a long-needed vacation from work. He decided to take a few weeks and j... read more

22 Jul 2015


"Leadership Is a Verb, not a Noun": Meet Councilman Chris Seelbach

Recently Jason Harris, Founder of Jason’s Connection, sat down with Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach, a t... read more

20 Jul 2015

Jason's View

Our Mission: Jason's Connection Is for Everyone!

Jason’s Connection first and foremost is about ALL people. Yes, we are about diverse needs and abilities... read more

15 Jul 2015


Expanding Kids' Horizons through Music: Meet Laura Jekel of MYCincinnati

Recently Jason Harris, Jason’s Connection’s founder, sat down with Laura Jekel, Director of MyCincinnati, a ... read more

13 Jul 2015

Jason's View

I'm Not Trying to "Ruin Society": A Response to the Harvard Study on Toxins, Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia

So one day recently I was doing what all of us who have social media accounts do—scrolling through my newsfeed to ... read more

08 Jul 2015


Empowering People Who Are Blind to Live More Independently: Leader Dogs for the Blind

Recently Jason’s Connection’s founder, Jason Harris, talked with with Melissa Spooner and Rachelle Kniffen o... read more

06 Jul 2015

Jason's View

"I Can't Believe You Have Autism": The Compliment That Isn't

I have talked a bit before here in our magazine about disclosing your disability. The thing that I think you most think ... read more

01 Jul 2015