Guest Blog

A Recovering Overbearing Parent of an Adult Autistic Son Speaks

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their stories with us. Today’s guest blogger is an anonymous ... read more

27 May 2015


Connecting People with Disabilities to Their Communities: Meet Tim Vogt of Starfire Council

In this fascinating interview, Tim shares his philosophy, journey, and the mission of Starfire. read more

25 May 2015

Guest Blog

Helping Veterans with PTSD: Meet Bridget DeLacy, Founder of All American Alternatives

From time to time, we like to invite guests to share their stories with us. Bridget DeLacy is founder of All American Al... read more

20 May 2015


Helping People with Disabilities Live Their Best Lives: Meet Susan Brownknight of LADD, Inc.

Recently Jason Harris, Founder of Jason’s Connection, sat down with Susan Brownknight, Director of Development and... read more

18 May 2015

Guest Blog

Why City Silence? Meet Stacy Sims, Founder of the True Body Project and City Silence

From time to time, Jason’s Connection likes to invites guests to give their own unique points of view. Stacy Sims ... read more

13 May 2015


Helping Autism Families Navigate in Uncharted Territory: Meet Topher Wurts, Creator of Autism Village

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Content Director, Ericka McIntyre, sat down with Topher Wurts, the creato... read more

11 May 2015

Jason's View

"You're So Inspirational": Disability and the Overall Culture of Inspiration

Inspiration in itself is a very interesting subject. In some ways, we see inspirational people as sort of separate from ... read more

06 May 2015


Seeing the Beauty in Everyone: Meet Bieke Kreps, Dentist, Researcher, Teacher, Traveler

Recently Jason Harris, founder of Jason’s Connection, sat down to talk with Bieke Kreps, a pediatric dentist from ... read more

04 May 2015