Justice Richard Bernstein and Jason Harris to Speak at the 2015 ReelAbilties Film Festival in Houston

Jason’s Connection founder Jason Harris, and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein will be presenting a... read more

04 Feb 2015

Jason's View

What's My Number? The Antiquated System of IEPs and Numerical Evaluation of Students

Recently I went to have my school accommodations for disability extended to take the GRE. This brought me back to a worl... read more

09 Feb 2015


Meet Zakk Sharp and Nick Jackson of Change Productions

Recently Jason’s Connection Founder, Jason Harris, sat down to talk with the entrepreneurial team of Zakk Sharp an... read more

11 Feb 2015


Meet Kathleen Cail, Festival Chair, Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival

Jason’s Connection recently sat down with Kathleen Cail, Chair of the Cincinnati ReelAbilities Film Festival, whic... read more

16 Feb 2015


A Family's Struggle with Bipolar Disorder and Suicide: Filmmaker Kathy Leichter's Here One Day

Documentary filmmaker Kathy Leichter speaks to Jason Harris of Jason’ about her film, Here One... read more

18 Feb 2015


Changing How We See Physical Difference: Meet Rick Guidotti, Photographer on a Mission

In this interview, photographer Rick Guidotti discusses with Jason’s Connection his work with Positive Exposure. R... read more

23 Feb 2015


One Man's Journey to Healing from Bipolar Disorder: Meet Ross McKenzie from the Film Bipolarized

Jason’s Connection recently talked with Ross McKenzie, star of the documentary film, Bipolarized. In the inte... read more

25 Feb 2015


Showing a New View on Life with Disability: Meet Academy-Award-Nominated Filmmaker, Alice Elliott

Recently Jason’s Connection Founder, Jason Harris, sat down with filmmaker Alice Elliott. In this fascinating inte... read more

08 Feb 2015