Jason's View

The Haunted House Effect: Understanding Sensory Overload

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, for a number of reasons. One way I celebrate is by watching documentaries on h... read more

28 Oct 2015


Opening Doors for Artists: Meet Parrish Monk of INKAA and The Art House

Recently Jason’s Connection spoke with Parrish Monk, Director of the INKAA Education Program, Inc., which runs The... read more

26 Oct 2015


They're Takin' It Back: Meet the Cruisin' Cripples

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with Kevin Brown and Josh Green of the Cruisin&rs... read more

19 Oct 2015

Jason Harris to Speak at the Ruderman Inclusion Summit: Why He's In!

Jason’s Connection Founder, Jason Harris, will be a panelist at the Ruderman Inclusion Summit. He will be speaking... read more

14 Oct 2015


The Inspirational Story of an Uncomplicated Life: A Conversation with Paul Daugherty and Jillian Daugherty Mavriplis

Recently Jason’s Connection’s Founder, Jason Harris, spoke with writer Paul Daugherty, and his daughter,&nbs... read more

12 Oct 2015

Jason's View

Why Autism Speaks Needs to Change or It Will Go the Way of the Dodo

Autism Speaks has come to a crossroads in its history. For the second time in less than five years, their president is s... read more

07 Oct 2015


Lending a Hand: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled

Recently Jason’s Connection’s founder, Jason Harris, Founder of Jason’s Connection, talked with Megan ... read more

05 Oct 2015