This Project is Preserving the Stories of People with Disabilities

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act, StoryCorps is partnering with a ne... read more

27 Aug 2014


Interview with JCC Manhattan's Isaac Zablocki & ReelAbilities NYC Pt 2

ISAAC: Well, first we feature a lot of films from around the world. At first we were getting a lot of international... read more

25 Aug 2014

Meet Isaac Zablocki – Advocating for Better Inclusion in Film – Pt 1

Interview with JCC Manhattan’s Isaac Zablocki & ReelAbilities NYC Pt 1 read more

20 Aug 2014

Starfire's 3-Day "Un"-conference

On August 26th to the 28th Starfire is going to have its “un”-conference in Madisonville in Cincinnati. This... read more

13 Aug 2014

How Small Businesses benefit from Clients with Disabilities.

Accommodation and accessibility are too often ignored by businesses of all sizes. What happens is an actual loss of pote... read more

11 Aug 2014

5 Houston Organizations Helping People Find Jobs

People want jobs. Meaningful, stable employment, regardless of what may be holding them back. An opportunity to work,... read more

06 Aug 2014

Embracing life is key for disabled, society

Being blind since birth, I didn’t know that when you’re driving a car you have to keep moving the steering w... read more

04 Aug 2014