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Celebrating Tyler On His Birthday

27 Feb 2019 by Tom Klinedinst

February 22nd was Tyler's birthday.   I celebrate him and everything we have accomplished together as a family.

When I use the word "family", I mean Tyler's family...those that love him and have done things to make his life healthier and better.  The list would be too long to get into, but he definitely has found a village that rallies around him, protects him, and shows him how much love is possible.

Tyler doesn't speak.  Yet he tells us more about ourselves than any typical person can. [Image: Tom and Tyler]


Tyler can't tell jokes.  Yet his smile and his laugh are pure and infectious. [Image: Tyler and his mom, Robin]

Tyler can't express himself.  And yet the love he gives is sincere and heartfelt. [Image: Tyler hugging his younger sister]



Tyler is a blessing from God to show us how beautiful life can be, how heartbreaking life can be, and how much we should value family...all family...those by blood and those who are not, because family is what makes us whole. 

[Image: Family photograph of Robin, Tom, Tyler, and his sister, all smiling and  huddled together in an embrace.]


Tom Klinedinst

My Walk With Tyler is about my journey with my son, Tyler, and is intended to provide a voice to caregivers, especially those with disabled children. To be fair, I am not a therapist, or an expert on special needs, nor would I intend to pretend to be. My goal is to share all of the triumphs and heartbreaks that we have been through, especially during this transition into Tyler’s residential placement. Because there is no “manual” for caregivers to follow, we must help each other find the way. My hope is that through my advice, stories, and experiences that the reader can find nuggets to add to their own journey. To read more from Tom click here!