ASL, Addiction Recovery, and GLBTQ Rights: Stylist Douglas Manley Steps Out from Behind the Chair to Tell His Story

23 Mar 2015 by Jason's Connection
Jason Harris and Douglas Manley

In this fascinating interview, Jason’s Connection Founder, Jason Harris, speaks to Douglas Manley, who shares his experiences learning ASL, with addiction and recovery, and the struggle for GLBTQ rights.

On learning American Sign Language: “It’s interesting to see people who at first  I thought were incapable of making it through a day without a struggle, just live life. That was one of the most important lessons for me in learning ASL.”

Interview With Douglas Manley

On recovery: “It’s tough, but it’s worth every bit of it.”

On GLBTQ rights: “The horrible thing about discrimination is that when it happens to you, you never get rid of it. I hate that. But I will not settle for [that treatment] anymore.”

DOUGLAS MANLEY is a hairstylist at Salon L.A. in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been with Salon L.A. for 20 years. Originally from Eaton, Ohio Douglas returned to Ohio after working in Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois. Douglas was the Education Leader at the Paul Mitchell School in Cincinnati. He has many interests including American Sign Language, cooking, tap dancing, and many service organizations. The thing that Douglas values the most are the relationships that he has developed through his interests and career. Enjoying life is Douglas’ number one priority!

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