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Disability History

Like them, I had no idea until the 1980s what it meant to be disabled, that there was a history, culture, and politics o... read more

29 Aug 2016

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My Own Way

I don't always do things like other people, but I do it in my own time and my own way. read more

22 Aug 2016

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Overcoming a Challenge

The hardest part of overcoming is not the challenge itself, but the stigma that is attached to the challenge.  read more

08 Aug 2016

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We All Want a Seat At The Table

We all want a seat at the table. read more

01 Aug 2016

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We All Have Challenges

We all have challenges: It is our willingness to figure out our strengths and abilities that will allow us to succeed.&n... read more

25 Jul 2016

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Changing Cultural Perceptions

Jason's Connection is about changing cultural perceptions of differences. read more

18 Jul 2016