Guest Blog

When Sound Stopped

For my birthdays I like an adrenaline rush to remind me that I am alive. Not every birthday has been celebrated this way... read more

23 May 2018

Guest Blog

Continuity Of Caregiving: Preparing For An Independent Future For Your Disabled Child

I'm about to enter into a sensitive subject. I hear people say things like "I'm glad my autistic son has a younger ... read more

16 May 2018

Guest Blog

Urgent Emergency - Social Anxiety

Sometimes when my social anxiety kicks in, I just have to leave the situation. read more

09 May 2018

Guest Blog

I'm Open About Who I Am

Each person with autism is different, but the common thing is that every one of them is intelligent in a different way.&... read more

02 May 2018

Guest Blog

The Direction of Self-Determination

Self–Determination is something you learn from mentors, family and friends who support you. Self-De... read more

25 Apr 2018

Guest Blog

Representation Matters

I'm an avid believer that Representation matters. That a person from every minority group should be present. How else ca... read more

18 Apr 2018

Guest Blog

5 Steps To Take When Your Child Is Diagnosed With A Disability

I will never forget the day my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. It was an overwhelming sense of comple... read more

11 Apr 2018

Guest Blog

Please, Let's Stop Saying "Overcome"

How can people and society accept  people with disabilities, and people with disabilities accept themselves, if we ... read more

04 Apr 2018

Guest Blog

How To Fit A Square Peg Through A Round Hole

We can achieve the answer to the supposedly impossible question not by reducing the size of the peg but by expanding the... read more

28 Mar 2018