Jason's View

Toronto, The Summer of Learning About a Method of Inclusion

This summer, I had the pleasure to attend the Toronto Summer Institute Inclusion Conference. To be honest, it blew my mi... read more

09 Nov 2016

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Disability and Diversity

When we talk about disability, we are really talking about diversity. read more

14 Nov 2016

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Overcoming a Challenge

The hardest part of overcoming a challenge is not the challenge itself, but the stigma that is attached to the challenge... read more

07 Nov 2016

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Handle my Adversity

My favorite strength from having a non-verbal learning disorder, would be the ability to handle adversity. read more

28 Nov 2016

Jason's View

I am a Person, Not a Disability

I am a person, not a disability  read more

19 Jan 2017

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Read the Book of Who I Am

I want people to stop judging the cover of me, before the reading the book of who I am. read more

26 Dec 2016

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Focusing on Strengths

Focusing on strengths is important for acceptance for ones self and moving forward.  read more

02 Jan 2017

Guest Blog

How Will the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Affect Families with Children with Special Need

With the upcoming administration, changes to the House and Senate, and the echo of campaign promises, many parents with ... read more

16 Jan 2017

Guest Blog

'Brain Health': Benefits to Working Out

For most people, when they think about exercise they correlate it with the physical health of their body; things like we... read more

18 Jan 2017