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If Your Home Is Your Castle, Is Your Welcome Mat A Moat?

We are all accustomed accessibility features in commercial and public buildings. The ADA and other civil rights legislat... read more

30 Oct 2013

How Small Businesses benefit from Clients with Disabilities.

Accommodation and accessibility are too often ignored by businesses of all sizes. What happens is an actual loss of pote... read more

Guest Blog

Helpful House Cleaning Tools for People with Disabilities

When my grandmother, who loves to clean, found herself in a wheelchair at the age of 83 as a result of severe arthr... read more

Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure a safe space for our Community users. read more

The OTR - Outsider Art Exhibition Celebrates Art From Outside The Mainstream

Although “outsider” was coined to be those outside the mainstream or the established community, in essence w... read more