Guest Blog

Giving Up Isn't In My Future

I love my children and fight my disabilities daily to care for them. Some days are better than the rest, and sometimes n... read more

18 Jul 2018

Guest Blog, Picture Quotes

My Aspiration Is That People Would See Me

My aspiration is that people who help me in various ways would SEE ME, and others who are in similar situations, AS A PE... read more

16 Jul 2018

Guest Blog

Overriding My Own Initial Response To Others With Disabilities "You Are Different"

Reflections of the mother of an autistic son. One struggle close to my heart is the feeling, whether it is tru... read more

11 Jul 2018

Guest Blog

When Assistive Technology Breaks

Today, a tragedy occurred, my iPad - which I use as both an emotional and creative support - died.  This is somethi... read more

04 Jul 2018

Guest Blog

Expressing Joy Through Painting

In high school, I was the only one hearing-impaired in that school. The kids made fun of me and bullied me, an... read more

20 Jun 2018

Guest Blog

Me - As I Go Through This Zany, Marvelous, Difficult Experience Called "Life!"

Metaphorically, I'm soaring with Writing, Photography, and other newer interests because of Computer Technology. read more

13 Jun 2018

Guest Blog

When Do I Look Autistic?

This is one autism story that addresses one very misunderstood topic. read more

06 Jun 2018

Guest Blog

What Were They Thinking?

We all have grown and bent with all of our diverse needs. To make the assumption that our daughter with an invisible dis... read more

30 May 2018

Guest Blog, Jason's View

The hardest part of facing a challenge...

The hardest part of facing a challenge is not always the challenge itself, but the stigma attached to it.  - Jason ... read more

28 May 2018