Guest Blog

Why City Silence? Meet Stacy Sims, Founder of the True Body Project and City Silence

From time to time, Jason’s Connection likes to invites guests to give their own unique points of view. Stacy Sims ... read more

13 May 2015

Guest Blog

"Hear" I Am!!

The following a piece for our Recommended Read of the week: ‘”Hear” I am!!’ by Jennifer Beilis, ... read more

03 Dec 2014

Guest Blog

Out of the Bubble

A new Recommended Read in honor of National Epilepsy Awareness month. Out of the Bubble  is a book written by ... read more

05 Nov 2014

Guest Blog

Assuming that Bullying Ends – Jesse Saperstein

Jason’s Connection is excited to present this amazing guest writer, Best-Selling Author Jesse Saperstein, and his ... read more

29 Oct 2014

Guest Blog

Walking 100 Steps – Determination

I am a strong believer in the two common adages, “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “where... read more

30 Jun 2014

Guest Blog

Justin Farley from Unlimiters, shares how Independence is as simple as a cup of coffee.

Justin Farley shares just how important it is to be Independent, regardless of a disability or “limitation.&r... read more

21 May 2014

Guest Blog

It's All About Perspective!

Through Justin’s Eyes: The concept of perspective is sometimes hard to understand because it is so individualistic... read more

16 Apr 2014

Guest Blog

Author of Maps to the Other Side visits Cincinnati! (March, 2014)

It’s Sunday morning in Brooklyn and I’m just writing to thank some of the sweet and generous folks... read more

26 Mar 2014

Guest Blog

Justin Farley: Singled-Out

THROUGH JUSTIN’S EYES: Justin Farley could do anything any other kid could do. Even though there were certain... read more

10 Mar 2014