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We were awarded "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Reviews

Jason's Connection was just awarded an International Award, "100 Best Blogs for Disabled" By Stairlifts Review... read more

13 Mar 2017

Guest Blog

MOVING AND LEARNING: Physical Intervention for Children With Special Needs

The sensorimotor period is an important pre-cognitive stage where children learn how to interact with the environment th... read more

22 Feb 2017

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Going Through The (E)motions

Life has it’s ups and downs like an EKG monitor. If it’s flat, it means you’re probably dead, but, ... read more

08 Feb 2017

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What to say or not to say when you meet someone with a Physical Disability

Everyone is different, this applies to people with disabilities just as much as anyone else, but people do not seem to r... read more

30 Jan 2017

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5 Flexible Part-Time Work Opportunities for Veterans with Physical Disabilities

Finding fulfilling part-time work can be a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially tricky for veterans with physi... read more

25 Jan 2017

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'Brain Health': Benefits to Working Out

For most people, when they think about exercise they correlate it with the physical health of their body; things like we... read more

18 Jan 2017

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How Will the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act Affect Families with Children with Special Need

With the upcoming administration, changes to the House and Senate, and the echo of campaign promises, many parents with ... read more

16 Jan 2017

Guest Blog

Affordable Care Act Appeal

We need to stand together. Donald Trump promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now the Senate has voted... read more

16 Jan 2017

Guest Blog

5 Personal Discoveries Of 2016: A Guest Blog written by Hilary K.

On and off of cyberspace, I encountered music, film, and literature that left a lasting impression on my brain (I’... read more

04 Jan 2017