Jason's View

The Freedom To Vote: Ensuring Accessible Voting

From being turned away at the polls because of a developmental disability or trouble accessing a polling place while usi... read more

28 Mar 2021

Jason's View

The ADA and Me

This year we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the life changing and monumental legislation. This has been su... read more

25 Jul 2020

Jason's View

Why Experiences Like Mine Show We Need More Than Autism Awareness

My experiences and that of many other Autistics show why awareness is no where near enough. I became aware, but it did n... read more

29 Apr 2020

Jason's View

Moving Forward From Autism Awareness, Acceptance, Empowerment And Advocacy To Include Autistic Pride

Autism Awareness Month should be more than the acknowledgment of a diagnosis, but rather a focus on Autistic Identity an... read more

02 Apr 2020

Jason's View

Anxiety And Depression In The Disability Community

Often, people in the disability community can experience anxiety and depression in their daily lives. Needless to s... read more

03 Feb 2020

Jason's View

A Supportive Public Speaking Group, My Experience With Orange Orators

Practicing public speaking is useful for my job and also builds my confidence in aspects of my life in general. read more

28 Jan 2020

Jason's View

Self Care: Knowing Your Limits and Setting Boundaries as An Adult With A Disability

Recognizing how to have a good life, a manageable life, recognizing what you can and cannot do, and realizing and accept... read more

16 Jan 2020

Jason's View

Supported Decision-Making In My Life

I use SDM Not because I am a Person with a Disability, but because I Am A Person. Like every other person, I cannot make... read more

09 Jan 2020

Jason's View

Giving and Getting the Support We All Need

While being self-determined means you are in charge charge of your life, it does not mean that you must do so alone. read more

03 Jan 2020